Above and Beyond is almost completely volunteer based and warmly welcomes all who wish to make a difference! If you want to inspire young people to live above what they think is possible and beyond their wildest imagination, then join the Above and Beyond team…today!


“By pouring into the lives of the youth…I was forever changed, challenged and blessed beyond my wildest dreams.”

– Heather Johanson Sansbury

“Above and Beyond Ministries is amazing for getting involved in people’s lives. In an
unthreatening way, through common interests, we earn the right to share amazing grace – how to live above and beyond!”

– Craig Carlson

It all begins with contacting us and receiving some Above and Beyond training. This helps you understand the purposes, boundaries and goals of Above and Beyond and, it gets you involved almost immediately in helping young people.

After an initial interview, some preliminary background checks, and agreeing to Above and Beyond’s code of conduct, you can spend as little as a few hours a week helping:

  • with office needs;
  • setting up and running portions of events;
  • counseling at weekend and summer camps,
  • leading Living and Beyond groups;
  • helping with mission trips;
  • ______________ you name it!