“No matter what your yesterdays have been, your tomorrow’s can be filled with love, meaning, purpose and joy…this is real living! You’ll never be complete until your song is played, your poem read, your culinary dish savored, your painting unveiled, your back flip tried, you get up on water ski’s…until your heart reaches out to something bigger than yourself…when this happens, you will know that you are truly alive, big time! “

– Ken Mahan (to students at a high school assembly)

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1. High School Assemblies, NBA or college half time shows or, other events

Above and Beyond special stunt and artistic teams go where students are, we don’t just wait for them to come to us. Students are dazzled by displays of skills, then inspired and invited to try their hand at it.


2. Post Assembly Event Rallies

Above and Beyond rallies teach students new skills or help them improve a current talent. Above and Beyond also shares the Good News of God’s love with students – all in an open atmosphere of fun and acceptance;

3. Living Above and Beyond Groups (L.A.B.)

Above and Beyond gathers and connects students whose lives are going in right directions while helping them to grow spiritually;

4. Camps

Weekend and summer week long camps allow students to get out of their normal routine, have fun in the great outdoors and grow in their understanding of God;

5. Mission Trips


In the US and internationally, mission trips help students to serve others whose needs are different, often much greater than their own. These trips leave an indelible impression on a young person as they learn to live above and beyond through helping others.