“Encourage your children and foster open lines of communication. Get involved by helping, volunteering, and participating when possible and then watch miracles happen before your eyes!”

– John and Jill Hargis

Like all parents, you have high hopes for your children. You want them to be successful in the art of living and you want to fortify them to cope with life as it is. You want them to become men and women with solid ideals and goals in life.Above and Beyond desires to cooperate with you in giving positive direction to your child as they experiment in constructing a functional value system for life.

Through displays of athletic and artistic expression we seek to inspire young people to discover their own interests and talents and, through personal relationships to assist individuals making their way in a confusing world.We are available to serve students’ needs and communicate the Christian faith in terms that they can understand. Our aim is to provide resources and an atmosphere in which students can make an intelligent decision for themselves. Responsible, mature Above and Beyond leaders will be involved with students in all aspects of these well-planned programs. Any Above and Beyond Staff member will gladly answer any questions you may have.