Through displays of athletics and artistic impression at high school assemblies, Above and Beyond inspires students to discover and excel at their gifts, talents and interests. For over thirty years of tangible results, Above and Beyond has motivated students to restore and deepen relationships at home, with others in their community and to succeed in the classroom.

Above and Beyond believes all students can grow to become people of high integrity and purpose as they seek success in life. Through Above and Beyond character traits like honesty and respect for all become a way of life, attitudes are changed, academic effort improves, and often students go on to pursue higher education.


Meaningful Quotes from our Educators

“I have seen the powerful impact of Above and Beyond through the eyes of my 2,100 students at a school pep rally, and the eyes of my 12 year old son’s youth group. The energy and athleticism of the group commands attention and respect.”

-Geoff McKee, Principal, Boca Raton Community High School

“With all the distracting and questionable entertainment that students are watching, it was refreshing to see a wholesome approach to motivating students. The program revived the premise that these are kids who can have fun without today’s unhealthy elements.”

– Peter B. Licata, Principal, Olympic Heights Community High School

“Above and Beyond Team: the students, staff, and I really enjoyed it. The performers actually jumped over my head and slam dunked! The presenters wove an anti-bullying message into their performance very effectively – We all need to continue to make good choices and be kind to each other every day.”

-Diana Geidel, Administrator, Pakansink School

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Above and Beyond is an IRS registered 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that provides programs specifically geared for high school aged young people.