Four Churches in Three States to Launch Above & Beyond Youth Ministries in 2014

Boca Raton, FL, January 1, 2014 — January 2014 marks a milestone in the history of Above & Beyond Youth Ministry as four churches in three states are following the Lord’s leading to replicate an Above & Beyond ministry at their church. Prior to the official launch of Above & Beyond at these churches in August 2014, they will be working on leadership training and core student development. The churches include:


Fellowship Church

White Plains, Maryland

Pastor: Marvin Harris

Youth Director: Tim Remo


Thomas Terrace Baptist Church

Lynchburg, Virginia

Pastor: Mark Grooms

Youth Director: Bill Hayes


Above & Beyond Community Church

Boca Raton, Florida

Pastor: Austin Calder

Youth Director: Jordan Bean


NorthPointe Church

Boca Raton, Florida

Pastor: Miguel Knuckey

Youth Director: Kelly Pradines

“Replicating God’s ministry is a dream come true,” notes Ken Mahan, founder of Above and Beyond Ministries. As A&B alumnus Tom Bingham says, “Viva La Revolution!”

Above & Beyond Youth Ministry was established in 1978 by Pastor Ken Mahan in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. It has since grown to thousands of students, impacting tens of thousands in thirty-five years. Above and Beyond is a lifestyle ministry born out of Jesus’ words recorded in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (above and beyond).”